Clearance Sale

While trying to find winter homes for some cars and planes I determined I have far to much inventory on certain things. As such I am holding a large clearance sale. If you know me contact me by email otherwise I am reachable on as trackout. Please refer to the lot number if you are making an inquiry. NO TRADES.

B1: 4x Protoform Camaro Z-28 NIB $30 each

B4: 2x Protoform Mazda Speed6 LW NIB $30 each

T2: 3x Sorex 36R $30 for 3 sets

T4: USVTA Tires and rims 2x Front 1x Rear $30 for all

E3: SkyRC Corner Weight System $40


Dropping gear disorder

My big foam Viper jet has always had a problem dropping the front landing gear. Everything from progressively more blue locktite, cranking down the screws, and lots of field-side engineering consultations couldn’t seem to solve the problem. Finally it was noticed that the screw bearing surface that the center langin gear leg mounts on was slightly tapered towards the end. Today I re-ground the surface to taper slightly towards the base and re-mounted the gear. Hopefully this is the end of the nose-dragger landings.